NOT OVER – Just intermission. :)

Hi there! I know, long time no write, right? Well, it’s not for lack of wanting to. In May I decided to kick this whole thing up a notch and enroll in school! The job that was holding me back from living out my true calling and sharing my gifts went by the wayside, and with it, I released that stress. I am still tweaking my exercise program, trying new ways of eating, using my essential oils, and practicing yoga and meditation. I’m just doing it all while taking a bunch of classes through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. As of next July, I will be a Certified Life Coach and Hypnosis Practitioner, as well as practicing Reiki. I am beyond excited to share the things I have realized, learned, and incorporated into my own wellness routine!

By the way, did I mention I left the Pacific Northwest as well? I did!! I decided it was time to launch another new adventure, and realizedĀ that the sun and heat in Arizona (yup I’m in Arizona!) really help my Fibro symptoms. So, you may not see much come to the page, or my Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest…you get the picture, until I am bit more settled and classes are slowing down a bit. But don’t forget about me…or the blog. I will return, and I will have even better info to share. In the mean time, you can still always get a hold of me at Ask questions, share ideas, or even let me know you want some essential oils. I’m still here, and still up for connecting!


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