Life/Soul/Success Coaching     $75/HR

Phone, Skype, email, and Messenger appointments available. Discount for packages.   Are you feeling stuck, confused, frustrated, off balance, or just generally dissatisfied with the way your life is progressing?  Do you have trouble setting goals, moving forward in relationships, or finding a connection to your purpose? Let’s work together with proven coaching strategies that will help you find motivation, satisfaction, happiness, peace, abundance, success, or whatever that missing piece is.

Guided Imagery/Hypnosis     $75/HR

Phone and Skype appointments available. Also recorded sessions. Discounts for packages Do you struggle to give up a habit, manage pain or stress, lose weight, or let go of a fear or phobia? Guided imagery and hypnosis can help access the subconscious, through deep relaxation, where you can find quick relief and results.

Distance Reiki     $40/Session

Usui Reiki, performed through distance, for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki is a channeled energy that is not limited by space, time, or distance.

Toe Reading     $40/Session

Phone, Skype, email, and Messenger appointments available.  Similar to reflexology points on the soles of the feet, toe reading uses the concept of energy meridians and the body’s hologram that records life events in the toes. The toes can tell your story, and a reading can help to release blocks, recall triggering events to remove their effects, or even focus the direction of your next life step.